About Us

We’re inspired by the high mountain back country, being on the water fishing and the vast desert of the Canyonland’s is where we can be found spending most of our free time.
Mountain Element was born in the summer of 2013. We are located in the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison River; at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 
The two of us, who have been friends since an early age. We’ve have been forging, fabricating and handcrafting metal, rock and wood since our early childhood. Creating ideas and items that worked best for us thought-out our years of exploring the outdoors and the appreciation of art. 
We would like to thank Mountain’s past, present and future customers not only for purchasing our handcrafted elements, but also most importantly to us, the friendship’s that have and will continually evolved. Thank You!

When purchasing our goods you receive a part of us, with you in mind, through the feel, touch and craftsmanship of our elements. Our goods are designed, constructed and created with the purpose of everyday use.

All the Best, Jon